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Welcome to the best, the biggest and most complete lolita site on the net!

Lolita Paradise is dedicated to the beauty of nude girls 10-17 years old. We bring you only tasteful high quality images of young nude girls. Every photo honors the purity and innocence of youth, and in accordance with United States Law, contains no sexually explicit situations or lewd poses.

Most of our pics are from its original source and are of its original quality. You will never find masked or low resolution pictures on our site. What's more, we add new images to our site WEEKLY.

Unlike all other lolita site,we produce our own content - exclusive pics and videos. You won't find themanywhere else! Several photographers are working 7 days a week taking new photos and filming videos for you. Our video collection is in RealVideo (80Kpbs) and in MPEG (512Kbps) format. Please visit our other lolita oriented sites: Latin Lolita, Little Virgins, Pure Lolita and Asia Virgins .
We are proud to present you several thousands pics of young nude girls. We have the fullest collections of Black Cat, MIL, MCLT and Euro Series. The thumbnailed galleries are sorted by different girls.

Join us and get immediate access to our huge gallery of carefully selected photos. We have only the purest images of the naked adolescent body.

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