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   In the time honored tradition and within the laws of the United States of America and most states and municipalities, the visual depiction and appreciation of the female form, including the pubescent female form, has been and is legal. Lolita Paradise supports the laws of the United States of America and gladly and willingly conforms to these laws.

   In supporting the laws of the United States of America, Lolita Paradise vehemently opposes what is commonly referred to as "child pornography" and legally defined by United States Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 110 Section 2256 as images containing "sexually explicit conduct..."

   Lolita Paradise, in accordance with the Constitution, believes that the right to view and appreciate nude images of minors in an artistic and aesthetic manner is guaranteed. The validity of this is confirmed by the numerous artistic photography books of nude minors openly available for sale throughout the United States. Lolita Paradise is simply offering you the same opportunity to view aesthetically pleasing images as the major bookstores do, just at a lower cost.

   As with all art, the question of the work's artistic value is left solely to the viewer, and as such, Lolita Paradise does not expect all viewers to like or even approve of nude images of minors. Lolita Paradise asks only that all viewers, whatever their personal feelings, view the images as art and respect the rights granted by the Constitution of the United States of America.

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