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Here we post what our members say about Lolita Paradise. If you are a member write us your opinion and it will be posted here.

  • I don't believe there is another site on the net anywhere close to yours. The variety is the best available. The age spectrum of your picture galleries is also unique. Few respect the pre-teen & young teen hardcore providers - but most like to see these individuals in the nude.

  • wonderful! great! super! wow! let me know when you update and i will subscribe again.

  • I often use this site for art work. Thank you.

  • it is the best site i have ever been to

  • Your pictures are beautiful. I was extremely impressed with MCLT series. Besides the euro series they are by far the most impressive I have found. Your Black Cat updates are wonderful and I must thank you for your quality service. You alone have succeeded where many others have failed miserably.

  • Fantastic site. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Your site is wonderful. Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Just a few words,as you suggested in the bottom of the big list of Page 1 of the "Member Section ": I have been a Member for JUST FOUR HOURS .... and I must say I AM DELIGHTED: this site is EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL than what I expected !!! As another member said , I think I am going to be a Member for a long time,too... Keep up this fantastic job, and best wishes to you, guys : congratulations, it's fantastic...

  • hey there, as far as i'm concerned you have the best site yet

  • All I have to say is that your web site rocks!!!

  • ive throughley enjoyed youre site..it is exellent.or should i say the ultimate thank you its taken me months to find a good site ..

  • this is a great site thank you

  • I have enjoyed the content of your site very much. Thank you. I find young girls beautiful and exciting and enjoy watching them enjoy their bodies as nature intended. I am interested in beauty and all its means of expression.

  • I've been a member of your site for over three months now and have found every pic to be absolutely MARVELOUS!!!! Keep it up!

  • great site !!!!!!!! one of the best !!!!!!

  • I can't tell you how much I appreciate this site. I never thought I could find such terrific pictures. Thank you.

  • Your site has the most beautiful and artistic photos I've ever seen when it comes to the human figure. There was only a small amount that I wouldn't approve of, but for the most part, I'd give it a very strong 9.9 out of 10.I must say that you have opened my eyes, somewhat, for the simple beauty and purity that we've seemed to have lost due to societies morals and our own fears.

  • I have been on many sites like yours, and yours is about the best I have visited so far. Well done, keep it up.

  • I enjoy your site often. The pics are great quality and fast.

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